B2B Transportation Services

B2B business-to-business courier services focus exclusively on transporting products from one company to another. Unlike business-to-consumer or consumer-to-business models, in the B2B model a company offers raw materials, parts, etc. to another company

The fast B2B transport services offered by RKT TRansport facilitate the connection between these partners.

RKT TRansport can help you improve your logistics operations, reduce transport costs, expand your business and manage your transport easier than ever!

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Courier Business to Business

Due to the constant improvement of our knowledge and services, we propose and implement for our Clients the latest technologies, thanks to which we optimize the processes and costs of our transport services.

Whether it is National or European loading points, RKT Transport ensures the transport of goods by appropriate means of transport, on routes that provide the shortest travel time and at prices without competition on the transport market.